BIRD 100W 400-1000MHz RF Power head 1pc 100E nvdclr7515-Other Smart Home Electronics

1pc TAMAGAWA ATT1040 40dB 18GHz SMA RF Coaxial Attenuator

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1pc Teach Pendant HC20401-05 PCB 20401-C LCD display screen replacement

1pc TELEDYNE CCR-33S10 DC-18GHz 28V RF coaxial switch

1Pcs For TT-1503-AGH-5W-T2 Touch Screen Glass

BIRD 100W 400-1000MHz RF Power head 1pc 100E nvdclr7515-Other Smart Home Electronics

1pc used OCXO CTS1250032 10.00MHZ 10MHZ
1pc Used Weinschel 24-3-34 100W 3dB 8GHz N RF coaxial attenuator
1pc UTIFLEX DC-26.5GHz 90cm 3.5mm High Frequency Test Line
Acting class in Saudi Arabia: Anne DeSalvo with talent coordinator Hajar Alnaim

Professor’s acting class in an unexpected locale — Saudi Arabia — allows for cultural exchange

1pc Weinschel 1 5W 30dB DC-12.4GHz N-type RF coaxial congreener
Health1pc Weinschel corp 24-30-43 50W 30dB 8.5GHz RF Coaxial Attenuator

Is year-round daylight saving time a good idea? Maybe not

1pc WILTRON 70S50A(NEG) 0.01-18.5GHZ RF Microwave Coaxial Detector
1pc XBTOT5220 XBTOT5320 touch screen predective film
1Pcs 04-0970-0234 v4 Touch Screen Glass1Pcs HITECH PWS3260-FTN Touch Screen Glass

Graduating medical students learn where they’re headed on Match Day

1Pcs 1302-132 CTTI Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs BC0708901 Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs Elo SCN-A5-FLT18.1-​Z01-0H1-R Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs KG057QVLCD-G050​-4X-08-98 Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs SCN-A5-FLT15.0-​PT0-0H1-R E963280 Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs AMT-10298 Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs Elo SCN-A5-FLT15.0-​F04-0H1-R Touch Screen Glass
Francisco Homes

Students learn more than writing working alongside former prisoners

1Pcs F940GOT-BWD-E Touch Screen Glass1Pcs NTX0100-4611L Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs 1201-370 Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs ELO E160695 TF288 Touch Screen Glass
1pcs For B&R Power Panel 400 4PP420.1043-K53 Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs For Ismeca NX32P2B Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs For 19inch 6AV7875-0CC20-1AA0 Predective film
1Pcs For Atlas 1900071001 Membrane Keypad
1Pcs For DMC AST-121B080A 12.1 Touch Screen GlassPolicy/Law

Students see ‘behind the veil’ of public health policy

1Pcs For ELO SCN-AT-FLT19.0-PH2-0H1-R Touch Screen Glass
Hate exercise: genetics

Hate exercise? It could be genetic

1Pcs For IR3225 Touch Screen Glass